Posted by: TokenWife | October 1, 2009

Fingers crossed!


Happy October!

Today was the first ‘fall feeling’ day in the sunshine state – it was in the 60’s this morning!

So today I went to the assessment testing portion of the job I am vying for.

It seems to be a very good job!

The pay is excellent – well over $23k per year, which would be marvelous because we could definitely use that income.

The benefits are good – plus there’s a union.

The best part is the dress code: casual!

I’m not putting everything into getting it – as it seems to be a difficult place to get into – the background check is massive!

We’ll see.

Before I left the HR manager told me she would review my test results, resume and application – if everything is to their standards then I will be getting a call tomorrow [before 5pm] to set up a formal one on one interview.

I’ve always done fairly well in interviews, God willing I haven’t lost my touch.

Keep your fingers crossed!

As always, your prayers are appreciated!


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