Posted by: TokenWife | October 9, 2009

Mind control

I’ve been trying all day to keep my mind off of my job prospect.

I’m not sure how long it’s going to take before I know whether or not they are going to hire me – and it’s driving me nuts!

I am trying to be patient and fill my life with other things like exercise, bible study, cleaning, talking with my husband & kids, and writing.  But it’s times like this – when I’m home and the day is slowing down, the kids are taking their baths (kind of late tonight because we went to the park), and the hubby is relaxing – that my mind drifts back to that job prospect.

There are so many reasons why I want/need this job, but the most important reasons number 5: 4 kids and my husband.

There is stress in my life – our lives due to a lack of funds, which limits our ability to care for family the way we’d like to.

Things we’d love to do for our children, places we’d like to go, and no to mention, things we’d like to do for ourselves…

But I will continue to be patient, and focus my attention on other things.

Despite my anxiety about this job, I still have the life I am living, and the children who need and deserve my full attention.

I thank God for my life – although tough at times, I have an unwavering faith that comforts me so.



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