Posted by: TokenWife | October 10, 2009

Revelations keep coming!

I woke up this morning with anxiety in my stomach – good anxiety I guess.

My stomach is in knots because I am going to see my sister (again) for the first time in just about 28 years or so – as ‘my sister’ today.

See, the last time we saw each other, I did not know she was my sister.  I just thought she was the daughter of a family friend that used to visit and play with me.

But just last week, I found out she was my sister – and I might just be freaking out just a little on the inside.

When I was a little girl, I’d always wish that I could have a sister – see I grew up alone.

I had a brother, but he left when I was 6 to go live with his father, and my other siblings (who I had no idea about until I was around 12) were all grown living in New Jersey.

Needless to say, I was a lonely child for most of my childhood.

Above all else, I must say that 2009 has truly been a year of revelations for me – BIG revelations that have rocked my world, and completely changed my life.

It has also been the year that has brought me back to Christ.

I mean, there have been so many changes in so many people, that I can barely keep up let alone process everything!

I actually see my parents for who they are now, where in the past, I couldn’t see past the ‘mom & dad’ veil – if that makes sense.

To write about all the things I’ve seen and have found out about would take a book and not a blog so, I will cap this off right here.

I will try to make the best of this day – seeing that my father does not want me to bring my kids – which is strange because they have NEVER met their aunt or their cousins (my sister has three daughters).

I will deal with that – because I AM bringing my kids…


I am overwhelmed and emotional, but I will be fine.




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