Posted by: TokenWife | October 16, 2009

I’m glad I got married!♥


I love my husband.

I am so happy being married to him.

Sure we have had our issues, but who hasn’t?

We made it through some tough times, but came out of the other side still very deeply in love.

We have seen some relationships crash and burn, and others that are built upon flimsy foundations that are wavering under the pressure of life.

But we still stand firm.

I am still in awe of him.

He’s so cute!

Not only that – he is very smart, kind, patient, clever, hardworking, passionate, caring – and the best father I have ever seen.

ON top of all of that, he is VERY sexy! (LOL)♥

I picked a good one.

He comes from a good family too.

I am so lucky and blessed to have him, as he is to have me too.

Just felt like sharing before I went to bed.

Peace be with you.




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